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A really annoying person who is constantly naked and needs to cover up that tiny naked cock. Usually refers to himself in the thrid person in names such as "stuta" or simply "the stu". DIE STUTA!
Guy 1: Hey isn't that Pat Hadican over there?
Guy 2: Yeah it is, f-in naked man, he sucks.
Hadican(naked man): Hey guys STUTA *while doing retarded arm motions* is in the house!!
Guy 1 & 2: NO, BOOO STUTA!!!
by Iceman March 4, 2004
orginated from an old english axiom that refers to the act of making money.

The phrase was first coined by Benjiman Franklin then later evolved to "a penny saved, is a penny earned."
by Iceman November 6, 2003
implies one was not only handled but handled in a manly way….
As an adjective : Billie was handled by the Priest manfully
As a noun: what a manhandler
by Iceman June 22, 2004
Some one who trys to be the best friend they can be and to see the best in people..even if no one else can.
linz is the best, the nicest, the koolest person alive.
by Iceman April 16, 2005
derogatory ethnic slur, used as a label when no single concrete ethnicity can be determined.
"That's the fifth time already in this one match that you've been hit by my Falcon Punch, you tickanus!"
by Iceman June 4, 2004
Not an orginization that wants to kill Jews, some people are just stupidly narrow-minded. The National Socialist view was not to kill all jews but to make a prime race. The perfect race. Neo Nazi's are more against races that are not white/caucasion. The Nazi's did nothing different then what Caeser did.
by Iceman March 10, 2005
a mean defensive tackle who will sit ur ass down
damn man iceman just sat me down again
by Iceman October 27, 2004