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Guess whos banned! Guess whos banned on all of thei accounts! Its me! This is truly an honour. Im honoured to be banned on all of my accounts by the worst mods on earth.
by IcEDCave November 15, 2021
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Holland is widely considered to be the name of The Netherlands, but its just 2 of the 12 provinces The Netherlands have ( North Holland, which is where Amsterdam is, and South Holland, where there is Rotterdam and Den Haag, aka The Hague) But, to be honest, The Netherland's tourism site is name Holland.com sooo yeah.
P1 : Hey! Did you hear about Holland?
P2 : No, but I heard about The Netherlands, you meant them?
by IcEDCave December 15, 2021
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An australian youtube group which does honest government ads. They are pretty funny you should go watch them.
When will police finaly arrest juicemedia just like they did with Julian Assange?
by IcEDCave November 15, 2021
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A really fucking cold norwegian town with, for some unknown reason, 2500 residents on the Svalbard archipegalo, Spitzbergen island. Oh and its illegal to die here lol.
by IcEDCave November 15, 2021
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Someone : youre about to experience worst pain possible
by IcEDCave November 14, 2021
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A really cool chinese Mao Zedong propoganda music ( its not cool because of its lyrics, but because it sound cool and funni)
What is Red Sun In The Sky?
Dude its Jhon Xina's favourite music!!1!11!
by IcEDCave November 15, 2021
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Crim3s as a british musician duo consusting of Rou Rot and Sadie Pinn. They mainly do witchhouse music, and havent been a ctive for an eternity now.
Damn, I hope Crim3s will come back one day.
by IcEDCave November 14, 2021
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