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The process of becoming unburdened, especially in reference to bodily waste; a euphemism for taking a shit.
"Johnny...you've been in the bathroom for a long time..."
"Fuck you mom, I'm becoming enlightened!"

Nirvana is the state of enlightenment reached after expelling all nuggets of waste from your body.
by Ian Broswell September 01, 2010

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Water infused with/steeped in fruits or vegetables for people who can't drink it straight.
Water infused with cucumber, water infused with blood oranges, water infused with coconut

Yuppie 1: Hey, have you heard of the new water at the Hydration Station?
Yuppie 2: No, but I'm excited already!
Bystander: Fuckin' yuppie water.
by Ian Broswell March 02, 2010

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A clinical term for the moistening of the vagina due to it's intense hungering for the cock.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: What we have here is a clear cut example of intense vaginal salivation. The defendant in question soaked through three mattresses and a waterbed in her unholy quest for sexual fulfillment.
by Ian Broswell August 25, 2010

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Abbreviation for homosexual romantic comedy
Yo dude, what's on TV tonight?
Nothin', just some fuckin' homromcoms.

The Bubble, Yossi and Jagger, It's in the Water
by Ian Broswell February 19, 2010

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1) Facial hair that looks similar to pubic hair
2) Any remnants of semen with pubic hair stuck in it
You got a lil juzz on ya
by Ian Broswell May 25, 2010

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Any individual who partakes in bodily gauging for the specific purpose of fitting more penises within an orifice.
"So I was at this gangbang last night, and there was this fucking ethiopian princess...shit man we fit fifteen cocks in her without even lubing up."
by Ian Broswell September 10, 2010

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