3 definitions by IAmSquidward

when a man's dong is so fucking big and steamy that you cant even fit it down your gullet, sometimes it actually looks like a freshly cooked lobster.
ex: dude, remember Burcham, the maid from Jessie? he had a lobster cock!
by IAmSquidward February 16, 2020
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when a person does something stupid and you could see it coming, but you are still upset about it because you thought maybe they had changed.
yesterday my ex said he didnt have a sex drive for anyone but me, and today he told me he fucked another girl. dissapointed but not surprised.
by IAmSquidward October 9, 2018
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when you are doing an extreme sport or having such extreme sex that your asshole has literal rip damage.
ex: bro, i just fell down the ski hill so hard that i got rippage
by IAmSquidward February 16, 2020
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