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A term that literally means "female advocacy." It implies that females require advocates and males do not. It also implies that females are superior to men as humans as they receive support for oppression and men don't. While first and second-wave feminism were the real feminism, the present day feminism (third-wave) consists of SJWs and lesbians who believe the notion that women are still oppressed. They try to convince men and women who don't live in a fantasy world that feminism supports men, too, cloaking feminism as humanism, which means "human advocacy," which implies that all humans, regardless of gender, require advocacy, and also implies that both men and women are equal as humans as they both require and receive support for oppression. Unfortunately, humanism is still a relatively small movement that is mostly found in socialist/communist organizations and minor independent foundations. Feminists blame all their work against males on the decline of patriarchy, even though worldwide leadership by gender is still predominantly male by 65%.
There are more lawsuit options for a woman who was stereotyped in the workplace then there are lawsuit options for a man's family who died in the workplace.

There are more governmental aid programs for girls graduating from high school than there are for the elderly or disabled.

There are more laws against showing an animated version of a vagina on an adult program than there are against rape in male prison.

There are court cases where feminist lawyers have taken part in where men were raped by multiple women and set many precedences that makes 3/4 of the possible ways it could have happened inadmissible in criminal court.

There are more laws against satirizing a woman on a comedy stage than there are against sexual harassment by women against men.

Human Feminism ended a long time ago. Now it's Feminine Feminism.
by IAmRonPaul May 16, 2014

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While modern terminology refers to liberalism as the left political spectrum, there are also many other types of liberalism. Examples being:
Progressive liberalism: Normally associated with the Democratic Party. Is known for welfare programs, increased social freedom, and advocating for civil rights. Is also infamous for increasing taxes to pay for these welfare programs, and an insistence on overemphasized political correctness.
Corporatist liberalism: Normally associated with the Republican Party. Also referred to as "conservatism," which means conserving the present economic system. Believes in minimizing taxes for corporations and businesses, increased economic freedom, and privatizing social benefit programs currently run by the government. Is also infamous for restricted social freedom, increased pollution rates while in power, and minimal regulation of stock market fluctuations.
Classical liberalism: Normally associated with the Libertarian Party. Is known for restricted extracontinental activity, wishing to abolish income taxes, and little to no social/economic restrictions. Is not infamous for anything because we haven't had the sense to elect any of them to anything more than a local office.
Tyrone D'amonte is a Progressive. He enjoys playing b-ball with his homies, slinging dope, and car jumping. When caught by the police, he asserts he "didn do nuffin" and accuses them of being racist. He spends his welfare check on smoke instead of the 9 children and their mother who works 3 jobs at home.

Cletus Crawford is a Corporatist. He works at Kentucky Lumberyard Co. and enjoys working overtime 7 days a week. He doesn't like all them homo-sexals and coons comin up into his neighborhood and terkin his jerbs. He drives a rusty 1992 Ford Ranger filled with empty whisky flasks and spent cigars. He lives in a trailer on the far side of Lexington and normally beats his children.

Steve Smith is a Classical. While in school, he received acceptable grades and after high school, was accepted into ITT Birmingham. After graduating from college, he started his own business creating digital images via the CAD software. He freelances his services between making banners to be used by LGBT at their conventions and creating blueprints for new civilian rifles for Heckler & Koch.

These are all examples of liberalism in modern American viewpoints/terms.
by IAmRonPaul May 14, 2014

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A poser that was actually good with Biggie, but when he got shot, he resorted to performing with white boy pop artists, underground rock bands, and soft charcoal reggae musicians. He also performs with Beyonce, which wasn't that good anyway, since all he raps about with her is about his daughter. Was in a feud with Nas, which then ended with Jay-Z being owned on God's Son, which was a diss tape directed towards him, his producers, and his girlfriend-to-be-wife Beyonce. He was so embarrassed apparently that he was angry when he wrote his own diss tape, it fucking sucked monkey cock. Has lately collaborated with Justin Bieber, which proves he sucks even more, as he needs anything to retain his reputation as the wealthiest rap artist in the world. What better way to extort money from 7 year olds? Basically this guy needs to work with more rap artists instead of little spoiled brats, 18 year old wannabes and pimply white boys "from the hood".
Fred: I went to the Jay-Z concert earlier today.

Greg: Really? Did Caitlin force you to?
Fred: Yeah. All he does is sing about a daughter that he's never going to spend time with since he's so fucking rich.
Greg: Amen to that.
by IAmRonPaul March 21, 2013

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A rather well rounded and lyrical rap artist. Believe it or not, influences a good portion of the rap and pop industry. If you're a rap or pop artist now and actually have talent, then I guarantee you listened to Tupac. If he was still alive, artists like Lil Wayne and 50 Cent would be floor moppers, Death Row would still be around, and rap would still be "Rhythm and Poetry," not "Retards Attempting Poetry."
Got a body full of bullet holes layin here naked

Still I, can't breathe, somethings evil in my IV

Cause everytime I breathe, I think they killin me

I'm having nightmares, homicidal fantansies

I wake up stranglin, danglin my bed sheets

I call the nurse cause it hurts, to reminisce

How did it come to this? I wish they didn't miss

Somebody help me, tell me where to go from here

Cause even Thugs cry, but do the Lord care?

Try to remember, but it hurts

I'm walkin through the cemetary talkin to the, dirt

I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward

There's a ghetto up in Heaven and it's ours, Black Power

is what we scream as we dream in a paranoid state

And our fate, is a lifetime of hate

Dear Mama, can you save me? And fuck peace

Cause the streets got our babies, we gotta eat

No more hesitation each and every black male's trapped

And they wonder why we suicidal runnin round strapped

-Tupac Shakur, Only God Can Judge Me
by IAmRonPaul November 05, 2013

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The greatest rap artist to walk the earth. Artists like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne disrespect, and, altogether, leave this great man rolling in his grave. In one song, he was a killer, rapping about death and hate. In another, he was a completely different person, rapping about peace and love. If you asked rappers today for money, they would say no. But if you asked Tupac, BOOM! You got it. When he died, it was up to artists like Biggie and Dre to keep hip hop alive. When Biggie died, Dre was all that was left. Then artists such as Timbaland and Vanilla Ice showed up and ruined the rap game. This man is a legend. RIP Tupac.
Hold Ya Head, 1996, Don Illuminati, aka Tupac Amaru Shakur
These felonies be like prophecies

Begging me to stop

Cause These lawyers getting money

Everytime they knock us

Slashing pockets lyrically

Suckers fleed when they notice

Switched my name to Makaveli

Half the rap game closed

Expose foes, with my hocus pocus flows
by IAmRonPaul March 15, 2013

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A group of words that are used to tell someone that something is low on battery. This includes, but is not limited to:
Cell phones, game controllers, wireless keyboards, IPods, IPhones, pagers and handheld gaming systems.
Usually used with "running on" in front of it.
While texting his girlfriend, Jack realized that battery saver was activated. He warned his girlfriend that he may go AWOL for around an hour since his phone was running on piss and moonshine.
by IAmRonPaul October 18, 2013

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A form of entertainment that is the scapegoat for:
1. Parents with poor skill sets to do their job.
2. Politicians who desire the votes of these lacking parents.
3. "Victims" of "video game violence."
Many of people point to incidents such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown, etc. as reliable sources of this new phenomenon known as "video game violence," however, many times the perpetrators of the act were often bullied and harassed by their peers, and were illegally supplied firearms by unlicensed sellers. Almost every time, the victimizers reached out to teachers, principals, parents, etc., but unfortunately their ultimate lack of action caused them to carry out their threats. Ironically, what caused this paranoia and phobia of video games is Klebold and Harris (perpetrators of Columbine) is they put how to make IEDs and pipebombs on a formerly DOOM blogging site.
Klebold: Teacher that kid called me a faggot and shoved me into a locker.
Teacher: Maybe if you stopped being a faggot, that wouldn't happen. (laughs with his fellow eggheads)
*couple days later*
Klebold: (firing 9mm sub)
Teacher: Pls Dylan no more pls.
Klebold: Lights out, faggot. (puts a 9mm round in teacher's skull)
*decade later*
Protester: Video games caused Columbine! Down with video games!
Redpilled bystander: You are the cause of all cancer in the world.
by IAmRonPaul May 27, 2014

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