22 definitions by Hugh G. Rection

when you think you just shat yourself but you didnt
dude whats that smell i dont know i think i just sweered
by Hugh G. Rection June 20, 2003
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These breeds of people spawn from the decendants of the greek gods. They are known to inhabit damp dark corners of the Mediterranean penesual. Also this lineage can be traced down to modern day Spurg dwellers. Slaving away on their computers.
Look at that kid. I SWEAR he was varigated.
by Hugh G. Rection April 17, 2015
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A girl who forms film around the skin of her face, composed of oil, semen, peach fuzz around the lip (dark in nature), and of course, dirt.
Kristin is one skuzzy assed bitch. She needs to shave. (not just upstairs)
by Hugh G. Rection January 12, 2004
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