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Arlington TX, inbetween D-town and Funky Town
Hey, ima go to Aggtown this weekend
by Hope December 14, 2003

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When you fart and it makes your buttocks slap eachother...
Wow...those were nice fartocks?
by Hope May 04, 2004

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An uber shmexy girl with a spork.
The shaarit terrorized the neighbours
by Hope April 04, 2005

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white cuss word
Finkin A I'm gonna score that white chick,Dude
by hope March 26, 2004

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some one who smacks ass
ur a fuckin dooker smack
by hope February 22, 2004

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A person who frequently eats vagina.
Ryan is a Vagina eating gigalo and he knows it.
by Hope January 31, 2005

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when you think you've got dope, but it's only close. Not really dope, but looks like it.

I was hopefully optimistic, but that shit is only clope.
by hope August 11, 2004

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