21 definitions by Homer

n.A place that is pulled down right in front of your eyes to blind you from the real world. Part of a computer program designed to save the race of humanity.
Morpheus takes Neo and teaches him how to live in the Matrix
by Homer May 16, 2003
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That food place at work or in jail.
Crappy cafeteria
by Homer November 10, 2003
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It is the best car
It goes fast
by Homer July 29, 2003
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Cliftons phinest phood
mac's is the shit, we had it bad for munchies and cottonmouth and had-a goto
macs for sum a-dat whoop ass Zaaaaa.
Be some thick ass shit, filt me up.
by homer January 15, 2005
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Any eating establishment with golden arches.
Just look down the street
by Homer November 10, 2003
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When both girlfriends don't mind doing me at the same time!
Julie and her sister!
by Homer November 10, 2003
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Originally derived from the two words: "leathered" and "hammered".

Severe intoxication or getting drunk; a very messy state of mind to be in.
That guy is absolutely lammered
by Homer September 01, 2003
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