28 definition by Hizzo

Chili like subtance expelled from the rectum. Can be used as a derogatory remark towards some idiot.
Hey butt sauce get over here.
by hizzo October 18, 2003

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V. To punch somebody in the rectum.
N. The action of punching somebody in the rectum.
Dude, he's pissin' me off. When he bends over go hole punch him.
by Hizzo April 11, 2003

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penis --- Derived from spanish "pene"
Dude, no more penay here.
by Hizzo February 26, 2003

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to know
Dude: You're so stupid.
Dude 2: I Knizzo.
by Hizzo February 26, 2003

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Burning hot liquid substance that flies out of your hole.
OMG, I didn't just go drop a bomb...I dropped some bomb sauce! My ass burns...:(
by Hizzo February 27, 2004

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Beat as in to beat off
I was bweejin off all night
by Hizzo April 07, 2003

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V. To envelope one's head in the vagina of a woman.

N. The woman this is done to.

N. The act of.
I pulled a space helmet on my dog.
by Hizzo February 26, 2005

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