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This is what you call it when two people get together, and one person holds his/her anus open while the other person craps into their open asshole.
would you like to come back to my place for a muddy higgins? I will pay you.
by higgins May 12, 2004

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This is a person who has sexual tendancys toward people or persons of his own sex. He tries to hide his feelings, but all he can think about is soaking his loans in the gulf of mexico at sunset with a very handsome man named seisto. He pictures himself with seisto skipping naked down the beach holding hands and letting his manhood wave in the wind. His feelings are so strong that other people know that he longs to be with his mexican manslave.
damn your an ambiguously gay higgins.
by higgins March 22, 2005

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variation on bitch or biotch, a pseudonym for my boss at the Kennebunk Police Department
the Lieutenant can sit and be my beeeatch after I sue his ass
by Higgins October 28, 2003

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The home project higgins is a dangerous predator. This occurs when a man dreams up home projects in order to lure young men up to his attic. It is still unknown what happens to the young men in the attic, but what is know is that when they are released their wrist's are so limp they can barely hold their own manhood to urinate.
"Dude no way I'm coming over. Your such a home project higgins. I know there ain't no drywalling going on in your attic. You fucking predator."
by higgins March 24, 2005

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The hershey higgins is when a man burys his bald head in another mans ass. When the head is removed a small pyramid shaped chunk of shit is left crowning the bald persons head resembling a hersheys kiss.
Hey Carlos, it looks like you've had a busy afternoon. You have a hershey higgins on your head you sick bastard.
by higgins January 19, 2005

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The high and tight higgins is a variation of the high and tight haircut common in the military. It was developed during the gulf war, and found it's way into society shorly afterwards.

The high and tight higgins is a haircut in a mans pubic region. The high and tight variation is when a man cuts his own hair and leaves random patches of hair around his balls and anus.
Man looks like you need to invest in a mirror, you got a high and tight higgins all over your balls.
by higgins January 19, 2005

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1. The act of making a person feel like shit.
2. The feeling a person gets after they have been shit on.
I volunteered to come into work on my day off, and when I got there my boss yelled at me for being 1 minute late. Now I plan to kill myself, I feel like I got cold and prickley higginsed.
by higgins March 24, 2005

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