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The word titanic is applied to someone who goes overboard. The higgins is added when a person goes so far overboard that it is hilarious.
titanic: Joe purchased 5 kegs of beer for his Y2K party

titanic higgins: To prepare for Y2K Titanic Higgins purchased 500 pounds of oatmeal, 500 pounds of wheat, a deisel powered generator, 500 gallons of fuel, 1000 rounds of 22 ammo and buried $1000 worth of change in the yard. He spent new years eve in his bunker in the basement.
by higgins January 24, 2005
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Something really cool that you just have to say something cause you feel like it
Mad Sick Garbage!
by Higgins June 08, 2003
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The warm and fuzzy higgins is a imaginary creature that was made up by sailers in the early 1700's. It is much like the unicorn or the mermaid. It is said that the warm and fuzzy higgins will give you a warm feeling in your testicles.
"Shut up you stupid bitch, there is no such thing as a warm and fuzzy higgins." Bob said, as he reached back like a pimp and slapped Suzy.
by higgins March 24, 2005
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When a person attempts to drink a gallon of a milk in 1/2 an hour the result is a milky higgins. The person usually starts out the gallon of milk with very high hopes of winning money. This feeling continues until 1/2 the gallon in gone. After this point the person starts to sweat, and eventually vomits.
Bob let loose a milky higgins all over his desk at work. It was hilarious.
by higgins March 22, 2005
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A shitfestival message board full of Bush haters and emo kids with shitty tastes in music.
"Really, how fun is it to come to Almost Smart? It's full depressing emo kids sharing their shitty taste in music, drugs,poems and views on life"
by Higgins March 22, 2005
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