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Tortoises are horrible, disgusting abominations ruled by the tyrant Presidant of the United Testudines of America, Donald J. Tortoise. These horrid BEAST where once peaceful with the turtles and terrapins, until they suddenly attacked, why they did this is still unknown, but Presidant Donald Tortoise is proven to be a part of it by Queen Turtahl IV of the TU/Testudine Kingdom's spy's. Hopefully someday the Turtles will successfully rise against these terrible tyrants. The shibe in the gif by the way, the tortoise is taking it as a slave.
Tortoises must all burn in hell as they are corrupted far to much to ever make peace. Turtles and terrapins are godly!
by Hi, I'm Steve March 7, 2018
This redirects to “Counter Arguments” on Wikipedia. No joke, you can try it.
No u’ redirects to “Counter Argument” on Wikipedia.
by Hi, I'm Steve January 11, 2019
What makes up 99.09% of the current world's population.
Chances are, you are pretty flipping stupid!
by Hi, I'm Steve September 25, 2017
To see or hear something, so f*cking cringy you die.
*dies of cringe*
by Hi, I'm Steve December 18, 2017
Wanna go to the mall?
Se suicider.
Huh? Is that french?
by Hi, I'm Steve March 20, 2018