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1. Los Angeles International Airport
2. Supplement to speed up digestive tract
3. Da most brosome game in da world. Invented by those indians, playin it and canada and something to do wit the other lax bros.
1. OMG, LAX is one of the worst airports i've ever been to next to Hartsfield-Jackson and La Guardia.
2. Bitch, get me some lax. I gotta take a shit!
3. Just finished chillin with da lax bros. Gotta go to da lax practice to go beat those hoes.
by Herbertheperver March 22, 2011
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Something people put on their facebook statuses and blogs when they're too bored and lazy to put anything else. They think it makes them sound all smart and ironic, but it's really just annoying to everybody else.
Obama Insert Joke Here*
The Hangover {Insert Joke Here}
Alabama {Insert Racist Joke Here}
{Insert Example Here}
*Square brackets are normally used when writing "Insert Joke Here," but urban dictionary code doesn't work with it.
by Herbertheperver March 14, 2011
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The guy who comes around in a coke truck once a month to refill the vending machines with coke products.
"Dude, where's my coke dealer. I've been wanting me some more coke for about a week now"
"Don't worry man, I saw him out in the parking lot this morning. He's hooking us up with some more of that product"
by Herbertheperver January 1, 2012
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Crap rock is extremely soft rock from the early eighties, with bands such as Air Supply. The peak of crap rock was around 1982. A common misconception is to confuse crap rock with punk rock, which is minimalist music such as the white stripes or the sex pistols. Punk rock was a rebellion to prog rock, music with extravagant solos and keyboards.
Air Supply" would be the epitome of crap rock. Other examples would include Peter Cetera, the Commodores and Lionel Richie, Hall & Oates, Kenny Loggins as well as Joe Cocker and Jenniffer Warnes' famous song "Up Where We Belong."
by Herbertheperver January 13, 2011
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shit people say when they become bipolar but don't realize it yet
i popped a molly on 420 a few weeks ago and lately i've been thinking a lot about the duality of man dude. I'm like two different persons now.
by Herbertheperver May 1, 2018
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A useful idiot is someone who unwittingly manipulated by a foreign government to help a foreign government's agenda, with the support of said foreign government. Being a foreign government's bitch.
Donald Trump is one of Putin's useful idiots because many of his ideas like not fully supporting NATO plays into Russia's agenda and would help Putin. Putin supports Trump by hacking his opponents' servers and broadcasting the democrats in a negative light and Trump in a positive light on his propaganda channel.

Jill Stein is also one of Putin's useful idiots. She goes to Russia, a country notorious for its human rights abuses towards political opponents and gay people, and says the US needs to work on human rights and foreign policy. It's like going to Saudi Arabia and saying the US needs better women's rights. The night before she attended a dinner with Vladimir Putin, and she constantly retweets Putin's propaganda channel Russia Today.

Both of these candidates are supported by the Russian Federation for nefarious reasons. Putin supports Trump because he thinks a Trump and a friendly US could make Russia stronger as a country, while the Russians support Jill Stein because she will take away votes from left-wing types who would normally vote Democratic, which could hurt Hillary and help Trump in close states.

In other words, Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's bitch.
by Herbertheperver August 8, 2016
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