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Rock duo that makes amazing music using the least amount of instruments possible. Part of the rock revival and one of the only bands around today who play actual rock music. In a couple of years they will probably make an awesome album using only a cheeze grater, a pan, and a wooden spoon.
The White Stripes Rule...if you don't think so you can just go back listening to your Linkin Park shit
by musiclovernothippie July 02, 2005
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A KICK ASS rock duo, jack white is the greatest song writer of our time and a great guitarist and meg is an ok drummer, but she has big knockers so she roxks too
guy1:I'm seeing the white stripes tonite
Guy 1: *pulls glock out and sprays guy1 all over wall behind him*
by fbd;fjb;'lkfv June 17, 2005
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a band too great for most dumbfucks to comprehend. also actually has a blues-based background and is inspired by some of the greatest musicians of all time unlike most bands that are basically just record deals given to random people walking on the street.
teresa-im going to the white stripes concert!
dave-they're terrible and jack white cant sing!
teresa-you're a fuckin idiot, go listen to dashboard confessional and yellowcard and paramore!
by i_dont_think_so2009 October 20, 2008
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A rock band that continues to frustrate pompous critics by actually living up to the hype. The White Stripes have always produced quality records, but in recent years have released three classics in a row ("White Blood Cells", "Elephant", and the newest, "Get Behind Me Satan").
"Red Rain", "My Doorbell", and "Take, Take, Take". Three great tracks off the newest record by The White Stripes. If you think those songs suck, you don't like rock music. Period.
by Squid Wrangler September 16, 2005
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