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1. Any location where the majority population of potential sexual partners consists of the large, obese, and hirsute (ie: chick/dude has a walrus 'stache).

2. Mysterious destination of character Goose Man in flash animation film Pleasure Island II by Sexual Lobster.
Dude1: Dude, this place is a walrus pit!
Dude2: I know. Sara is hot but her roomies are scary.

Chubby Chaser1: Goldmine!
Chubby Chaser2: Awesome, this place is a walrus pit!

Goose Man: Where is the walrus pit?!!!!!!
by Heptard December 09, 2010
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1. any supernaturally large deposit of human feces, exceeding all expectations of length, girth, and mass.
Dude, I just dropped a lou dobbs and I'm afraid if I flush we'll have to call a plumber

I pushed out a lou dobbs that got my whole back side wet.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
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To lurk in the shadows and sneak around with cat-like stealth. The act of murgling most often involves the permanent separation of food from its rightful owner or designated storage location. The pilfered property may also take the form of shiny trinkets, small beads, bits of glass, screws, hex nuts, and other items of low or minimal value.
Ok, who murgled the last brownie!

I had ten screws set aside right there and now there are only seven, who could have murgled them?

I murgle the pizza, you murgle the beer.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
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1. A wrinkle so large and huge that for generations, old wrinkles will tell baby wrinkles about the enormity and unimaginable size of the "Epic Wrinkle"!!!.

2. Someone who has gone the extra mile in debasing themselves and reaching new levels of idiocy and douche-baggery deserving of a superlative when being called a penis wrinkle.
Jimmy: Dude look at your clothes, looks like you keep them in a bag of rocks!
Bob: Yeah, look at this wrinkle. Epic Wrinkle!

Jimmy: Only a penis wrinkle would say something stupid like epic wrinkle.
Bob: I'm not a penis wrinkle. I'm an Epic Wrinkle!
by Heptard December 05, 2010
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To extend the middle finger while keeping the other fingers and thumb retracted, communicating a common non-verbal insult.
The driver of that car cut me off and gave me the monodigital salute.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
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A blend of king and pimple. The largest and juiciest pimple in a pimple infested area.
Behold the kimple, all bow to its glory.
by Heptard February 10, 2008
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A scale that measures the amount of "g" or gayness of a person or action. The g scale has no quantitative units of measure as "g" is a purely subjective measure. On a cartesian grid, higher "g" is up and towards the right. The g scale is most commonly used to compare two items with regards to "g" as in wearing a pink shirt is not as high on the scale as shoveling your walk in a banana sling and flip flops. It is also used to denote a high "g" by stating that something is on the scale.
Dude, that made the g-scale.

That last policy memo from the boss was on the g-scale.

Liberace, Broke Back Mountain, and Senator Larry Craig show progression along the g scale.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
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