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I Just Got Back. A Nigerian phrase for citizens who just returned from the diaspora.
"Man, Lagos is so hot"
"Look at this IJGB; she has forgotten her roots"
by Heptad December 19, 2014
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Name given to someone with no shoes
Son: "Dad, why is Nigeria's president named Goodluck?"
Dad: "He went to school with no shoes."
by Heptad December 19, 2014
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Eyan Le Ku Any Fucking Time. Colloquial Yoruba equivalent of YOLO. Means "an individual can die at any moment" and so they can act reckless a bit.
Bayo: "Are you watching your weight?"

Segun: "No, I'm going to eat to my heart content because ELKAFT"
by Heptad November 29, 2016
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