A school thats so awesome, that missou fans have to write 20 urban dictionary entries because they regret going to missou
Guy 1: Hey man remember when KU beat Missou this year?

Guy 2: Yah man, the urban dictionary definition of KU got a bunch of definitions
by JayhawkBeast March 30, 2010
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Cool just pronouced diffently or half way...ku
"How was the game?" "It was ku".
by Rocky L January 21, 2010
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Another term for Marijuana, bud, etc...
1. Lets go buy some ku.
2. You want some ku?
by Wayho October 3, 2013
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A shortened word for Kush. Kush is now the prefered Cannabis in Southern California by "ritzy" smokers. Much higher in Price than regular Cannabis Sativa.(about 200 Dollars and OZ more) Kush is Cannabis Indica, a higher quality strain. Also known in Los Angeles is "Da Ku" A Clothing Company im not sure where it is Based but i met one of the owners at Warped Tour in LA this year and i got a sticker.
Yo man pack another bowl of that ku. Hey bra chill off that ku for a while you look way to stoned.
by Jeremy Hasenbuhler March 27, 2007
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Literal gamer who's kind at heart. A bit of a Zhongli simp but that doesn't matter. An amazing guitarist and someone who can sing really well, it's honestly amazing. Sure they can be shy but they're cool. Be like ku.
You're really like a Ku right now...
by thighser March 30, 2022
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