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any person with this name is obvicusly a bad mother fucker , or AKA (BAMF)
BAYO, this person my pee on your shoe punch you in the face or even bang your mom, but in the morning you'll still call him your friend..
by turkeytoad July 09, 2009
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mayo and butter mixed together
I was in a chinese resturant last week , ordered a club sandwich they brought me a side of mayo with butter chunks inside

" can I have a side of bayo? "
by John E Carter October 09, 2007
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An exclamation of excitement, agreeance, approval, or a greeting upon entrance usually uttered by young males. It is commonly pronounced with a higher pitched and drawn out "bay" followed by an equally lengthy and lower "o"
"Awww, fuck that was game point." "Bayo!"

"Check out what I brought!" (large beer bong) "Baaayooo!"
by d_dukes November 23, 2006
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