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When you fart but end up pooping. S**t fart.
Wyatt sharted at the party and had to clean himself up.
by Hello37 June 19, 2017
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1. Hardly tapping something so it goes away

2. A crazily popular dance move that looks like your sneezing. You put your nose into your arm and stick the other arm out. This way you will be popular or annoying on the school list of popularity.
1. Zack had to dab the blood off his leg after he fell.
2. Justin and everybody started dabbing when they played the song " broccoli".
by Hello37 June 19, 2017
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When you are playing basketball and you make the shot. You only hit the net. A swish. People will say "water" or "wata!" Loud basically freaking out because you swished.
When Justin swished the three pointer, everyone in the crowd screamed,"water!!!"
by Hello37 June 20, 2017
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A Person whom is usually the favorite. He wins a lot of awards and he loves video games and sports. He usually is pretty tall. Everyone wishes they could be him or be with him.
Zillion won the class favorite award yesterday and is going to be in the yearbook.
by Hello37 June 17, 2017
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