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A masterpiece of a movie. Once you first hear of it, you think it's just a stupid little joke. But as it goes on, you realize how good it is. Then at the end, you'd be worshipping it.

It existed earlier than john wick, so this is where john wick got its inspiration. The movie is about beans killing each other and shit. But the camera angles, music, racist and normal jokes alike, was fucking amazing. And the action was god-tier. A true masterpiece.

Made by a single dude called Jeff lew. Yep. The entire movie was made by him. Expect the voice acting of course. And it took 2 years to complete it, with a budget wasted of less than a million dollars. However, some people say it took more than 10 years to complete it. Thus, the true extract time of the movie making is unknown.

Friend: Hey dude, you should watch the Killer Bean Forever movie.
Me: KIller bean forever? Sounds like a joke.
Friend: You can watch it on youtube.
Me: wait, a movie on youtube? Alright, sure.
*Aftermath of the movie*
by HellInferno November 8, 2021
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Nonexistent. At least in terms if you could see it. Youtube will censor everything. They want to keep Joe Biden safe, The democrats, and other companies. And the "dear earth" Is another reason. The pope video is a clear example. and oh god NO WE CAN'T SEE 2018 DISLIKE COUNT N O O O O O FUCK YOUTUBE, FUCK GOOGLE, FUCK EVERY COMPANY IS THE EXISTENCE
google: okay, we're officially removing the ability to see youtube dislike-
everybody: b i g m a d

google: cry about it
by HellInferno December 4, 2021
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The entirety of Urban Dictionary.
Dude: Ima search something up
5 minutes later: *sees a sex joke*
Dude: What the hell is this shit?
Me: Sex jokes. It's the entirety of Urban Dictionary.
by HellInferno November 8, 2021
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Either an amazing piece of art but mostly an insult. It resembles a 5-year-olds drawing.
Friend: *shows drawing* Is it good?
Insult: What the fuck is that? That looks like modern art to me.
Complement: Holy Jesus! That is modern art right there!
by HellInferno November 9, 2021
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1. Flesh from animals used as food.
2. An alternate term used to describe strong muscles.

3. Misspelled version of meet.
1. Time to devour some meat!
2. Damn bro, you got some meat!
3. Alright, I'll Meat you at your house.
3. Friend: Misspelled it again.
by HellInferno November 8, 2021
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An incurable disease, spreading at an alarming rate and is also spreading a lot thanks to morons and retards alike. The few people who have not contracted the disease have been attacked by the people infected. So far, about 46-90% of all of humanity has been infected. Realists are rare to be seen, and never get the full attention they need. kids are the stupidest of them all, infecting almost all of them. There seems to be no stop. This disease was first reported since the beginning of man, but became a pandemic in 2016 to where we are today.

This disease has caused multiple problems. For once, wars, NATO and Un not doing anything, the united states falling, the economy ripping apart, covid-19 control measures, and so much more. It seems like this is humanity's end. All the people remaining have seen there is no hope, and it will slowly take them all. One by One.
Realist: Humanity never learns. They've all contracted stupidity. There is nothing left to stop this.

Realist 2: While humanity dies, let's just live in peace... Hopefully.
by HellInferno February 26, 2022
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Just use it. There is no reason not to. It's an ad blocker, removes all the trackers and ofc ads, and so on. And you can get free cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token) by turning on ads. Actually, ads are still disabled. But brave browser will constantly interrupt your game with these ads with notifications. You can even turn off the blocker if you like. This is so fucking amazing. It also has great performance as well, so keep that in mind.

However, every once in a while, brave will crash. new tabs created will not respond. Closing the browser and attempting to reopen it will end up in a failure. your only solution is to restart your computer. It is so fucking annoying.
Person 1: Are you using brave browser?
Person 2: What is bra-
Person 1: I gotta say I'm disappointed in you, bud.
by HellInferno February 23, 2022
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