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The Milwaukee School of Engineering. Basically a school of introverted students and professors. Efforts to bring femaales to the school have failed with the exception of a select few. Not that it matters as you would never have time to interact with the females while you are getting rammed with car, SDL, and formal methods. The school prides itself on being 100 times harder than any other school on earth, making their graduates uber eliete. Unfortunately, buisnesses like diversity so still hire public school computer science majors, who partied, had sex and fun all through school, and they get paid the same. Not to mention the school costs 5 times that of a public school.
Rand(Time(0)); Teacher: The students are smiling, I must meet with the other professors and make everything due at the same time because MSOE is supposed to suck.
Student (doing homework): If I had a gun right now I would so shoot someone.
Teacher: Why are your hands shaking
Student: Because I have been up 36 hours working on your lab.
Teacher: Why doesn't it work?
by Heath April 19, 2005

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The appearance of a penis after having sex with a menstrating woman.
She didn't tell me she was bleeding so I made her schlop my rusty pipe last night after we had finished.
by Heath January 31, 2006

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repetitive sneezing; five or more. Also see grandma sneezures.
My sneezures are so bad I almost past out from lack of oxygen.
by Heath December 14, 2003

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A manly man, women hench over with orgasmic cramps in his presence. Also one with mad Ninja skills. Also eir to the Miller Brewing Fortune.
devon once walked into a room with 7 girls. Each fell on the ground moaning and screaming like a cat stepped on by a cow. It was so loud that he became angered and released a mammoth load of jiz killing everyone in the town.
by Heath March 31, 2005

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adj. Showing qualities of being gangsta and good simultaneously.
"Damn dawg, dat's niggariffic!"

"Dre's new cds gon be niggariffic, but it be bad news fo G-Unit in 05"
by Heath November 16, 2004

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an expresion of happynness
"I'm gunna get laid. NUGGANOOCH!
by heath June 06, 2004

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The art of pushing a car from the inside
My car is so shitty i flintstoned it to school.
by Heath November 11, 2004

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