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One of the 6 Celtic Nations the others being
Cornwall Kernow
Ireland Eire
Isle of Man Mannin
Wales Cymru
Unfortunately It is more commonly Known as a girls name especially in America ,often misspelled as Britney

Brittany is located in North Western France
The Breton language is closely related to Welsh and Cornish
by HAsh BROON June 21, 2006

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Shitty little town in West Wales.
Full of inbred violent gypo's ,tinker's and would be kick boxers.Home to hundreds of Boswells.
Phileas fogg and Passepartout traveling around the world in 80 days pass over Wales in their balloon:
Phileas: Lean over and take a good look ,where exactly are we?
Passepartout: We are precisely over Pembroke Dock.
Phileas: How can you be so sure?
Passepartout: Because when i leaned over,some bastard stole my wristwatch!
by Hash BROON June 21, 2006

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Sea port Town in West Wales used to be famous for its fishing industry.now famous for fuck all.Home to the Elephant Woman,Places of interest inciude Condom fishing on Gelliswick bay, Posing in Martha's Harbour and trying to look like a yacht owner or visit the Haven Hotel for a friendly Welcome and get your pocket picked!

Milford Haven is not as bad as Pembroke Dock
by Hash BROON August 07, 2006

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Town in Pembrokeshire west Wales .Has a Castle,you must visit monkton after dark ,its 'lovely'
Pembroke Has A Castle.
........thats it!
by Hash BROON August 06, 2006

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The black squishy stuff stuck between Elephants toes!
oh no! here comes a herd of elephants
LOOK out Pygmy!
by HAsh BROON June 22, 2006

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Native Male from Wales] Easy to identify,usually seen with a fucked up haircut,a huge melon like skull, no neck,massive beer belly and wearing their national costume a welsh rugby shirt
The Welshman usually hangs about in herds of his own kind and dislikes any outsider particulary in the south wales valleys
by Hash BROON August 06, 2006

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