The country on the south west tip of Great Britain, separate from England. Home of the pasty, great cider and pirates. In conclusion, proper ansum place, innum?
Gent 1: "I say old bean, where are you from? That's a first rate accent you have."

Gent 2: "Kernow my ansum, God's own country!"
by Cousin Jack February 28, 2010
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Kernow or Cornwall is a beautiful Celtic nation in the far south west of Britain as defined by the Celtic League, Celtic Congress and various other pan-Celtic groups. Along with the other recognised Celtic nations, Eire, Alba, Cymru, Mannin and Breizh it boasts a Celtic language of its own – the key criterion of Celticity and distinct culture. Together with the other Celtic nations, the Cornish are fighting for more recognition of their identity, ethnicity and more say in their own governance. Kernow is also recognised as a Duchy and is entitled to it's own Stannary Parliament as granted under the Charter of Pardon of 1508 which is still law even today and gives the Stannary the right to veto any Westminster legislation.
Kernow is famous for its friendly people, fantastic beaches, great pasties and its passion for rugby !
by Davyth April 1, 2007
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Kernow, a.k.a. MAINSTREAMER
bitch cunt bastard arse fag gay
You're starting to act like a Kernow, you know?
by kernow December 17, 2004
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A place in England in the very south west corner, last place on earth. Awesome for surfing and hot chicks. Kernow is renowned for making excellent pasties.
Bob: Where you off blud?
Lawrence: Arrr im off to Kernow blud, KERPLOW!!!
by DiamondWeapon January 19, 2006
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1) A hapless victim of speaker driven violence.
2) An enthusiastic member of British society and long-time xbox fanboy.
3) Grandma's arthritis pains.
Kernow helped an old lady across the street and went to play some Halo 2 like he does every day.
by Tung Fu Rue December 16, 2004
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