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An edgy motherfucker who can walk through walls and wields a large scythe. Can transform into an even edgier form.
Edgy boy: I'm gonna play Kayn in solo-queue and get so many kills, everyone will respect me!
by YouJustGotNarced September 15, 2017
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A being with special powers, which he uses to rhyme, compose, abolish world boredom, make people feel as if they've never felt before, and dismantle all establishments of racism. Also used as a part of a longer, yet similar, word. This being is the root of all anti-racist constructions. He looks up to his role model, the great, Lupe Fiasco. He is also a skinny mother lover, but his lyrics weigh a ton. Where would we be without Kayn? The world may never know...
Candy Kayn
by KaynLover635 June 06, 2011
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A Noxian child soldier raised by Zed to become a fearsome assassin. Currently wields the Darkin weapon Rhaast, which seeks to attain a body after being sealed into a scythe. His goals are to prove that he is superior to Zed by destroying Rhaast within.

If you find someone who plays League of Legends at a Hot Topic, there's a high chance that they main Kayn.
Kayn can also walk through walls and get inside people, ripping them open upon exit.
by Hardstuck Internet May 27, 2019
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