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Means something special for giving to someone
Dolma this flower is for you

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Very popular To Tibetan name. Both males and females have the name.
Tenzin is hot. She look beautiful in her chupa].😍

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Name, Means protector of Buddha Dharma.

Devanagari: तेन्ज़ॆन्
Tenzin saved my life.

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When a muslim male/female marries a non muslim and converts them.
Raj married Fatima and was forced to convert because of Love Jihad. But luckily Shyam saved him right after and Raj have divorce to Fatima.

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Khan of the Ilkhanate. Ruled 1284 to 1291. He was a very zealous Buddhist.
Arghun Khan overthrew Tekuder Khan.

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A man who freed Mongolia from Chinese occupation. He was a Buddhist and a very zealous one indeed. He was anti-communist. He did lots of good for Mongolia such as developing public transportation. Unfortunately, many have portrayed him in bad light.
That guy is just like Roman von Ungern-Sternberg.

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Means the same as Tenzin
Stanzin giggled when I walked by.

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