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When you are driving, want to change lanes, and there is someone in the other lane...Quickly jerk the wheel into that lane but stay in your lane. This panics the driver and as they hit the brakes, you get the room you need to safely move into that lane.
This car will not let me over, time to do the texas two step.
by Hans September 24, 2004
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The produced result of one straddling a toilet bowl in reverse, thus laying faeces across the front side of the porcelain. Often done to spite someone.
Hey, we went round to scrinsin joe's house. that guy is such a chop. I dropped a reverse kanga!
by Hans January 13, 2004
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hard won, easily lost, and never fully regained
I used to trust my wife, we had been married for 20 years, then one day I came home and she was fucking the mailman, since I can't trust her anymore she has to wear a tracking device at all times.
by Hans October 4, 2004
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Production "sport coupe" made by VW in the 70s and 80s. Last year of production was 1988 in the US, which had for 3 years been offered with the kick-ass 1.8l 16v motor (86-88). Most Sciroccos have been destroyed by rust or accident, but are greatly loved by the poeple that still have them.
"What the hell was that thing?"
"I dunno, but it said Volkswagen on the back"
by Hans August 25, 2004
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The girl proceeds to take a bite out of a luciouse brown turd, as you are blowing a load of cum in her face!
My girlfriend was hungry so I gave her an Iced Brownie.
by Hans January 16, 2004
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