16 definitions by Hans

a slang term for pot
hey pass that fish stick, i am going to get wasted
by Hans June 13, 2006
The girl proceeds to take a bite out of a luciouse brown turd, as you are blowing a load of cum in her face!
My girlfriend was hungry so I gave her an Iced Brownie.
by Hans January 16, 2004
A rarely known, but often used part of the human anatomy (Found 99% of the time on females, although some sick, demented males do have them).
Have a look at yourself (if you're a girl) or if you're male, look at a porn picture; and find the loose piece of skin around the vaginal regions; this is a momtchil.

NOTE: The kezzdawg has been known to have an unhealthy fettish with momtchil's.
Stop rubben ya momtchil ya hoe bag, ya gotsa eat with dose hands!
by Hans July 27, 2004
The produced result of one straddling a toilet bowl in reverse, thus laying faeces across the front side of the porcelain. Often done to spite someone.
Hey, we went round to scrinsin joe's house. that guy is such a chop. I dropped a reverse kanga!
by Hans January 13, 2004
Erick Zoolander's newest look.
Can stop ninja stars.
It's magnum!
by Hans February 5, 2004
sweet/strange chinese girl who knows every band on the planet. Her mom eats corn.
Help! I'm being attacked by yeeleacho!
by Hans April 6, 2005