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The phrase “That will be a future me problem” is as the phrase states. Whatever problem your are working on will be a future you problem.
Person 1- I did a half ass job on the car repair. “That will be a future me problem”
by Hankscolts December 2, 2022
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Knuckle Dragger is a term used to describe a old school Correction Officer who in their early days of Corrections used brut strength over knowledge and skill.
Look at Jack he was once a old school knuckle Dragger CO! He use to use brut strength to deal with inmates, now he’s a skill Corrections professional!
by Hankscolts February 22, 2018
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Do to most males calling objects female. This term referring to a Japanese made vehicle’s. Also the male version of prince can be used as well.
Female reference to a car.
“This is my Japanese princess a Subaru Outback”.

Male reference to car or truck.
“This is my Japanese prince a Nissan Frontier”.
by Hankscolts February 23, 2022
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Moblie command center is a pharse or slang term when you take mutliple electronic devices or items with you. Such as a cell phone or several cell phones, beeper, computer, binders, bag, etc. A termed used when your connected to these devices due to personal or work reasons.
Husband: Honey I'm leaving, see you later.

Wife: Don't forget to take your moblie command center with you!
by Hankscolts July 10, 2011
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A Correctional facility is a nicer term for the public for a prison.
Welcome, to a Correctional facility, human wastebag!!!
by Hankscolts June 7, 2011
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Thanks, one way! Is a statement or response to one person that only thinks of themselves.
Person 1- I just took the last piece of pizza.

Person 2- Thanks, one way!
by Hankscolts June 25, 2011
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Ovarian fortitude is the same principal as testicular or intestinal fortitude. Ovarian fortitude is the female equivalent of a women or someone who identify as a woman, having the ability to be strong mentally or physically.
Sally-I can’t teach another women to have ovarian fortitude and go out and be a strong independent women.
by Hankscolts February 12, 2021
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