A you problem is a problem only pertaining to one person, specifically you not me.
by Gibson150 November 9, 2014
a problem that you own, and shouldn't share.

if someone tells you that your problem is a 'you problem', that probably means that no one cares.
Person 1: My grandma died today.

Person 2: That sounds like a you problem.

Person 1: Damn.
by cuaali May 19, 2021
A problem that doesn't not effect me or my peers, and issues that must be solved by the person(s) involved
by the original simpy40 January 28, 2017
A sentence coined by Nirthya, it is a dismissal used when someone is complaining too much about someone or a situation and you know there is no real problem with said person or situation so you say this to shut them down.
Person A: "I hate the fact that Jeremy slept with Stevie, like what the actual fuck is wrong with him?"

You: "Okay but what's wrong with Stevie?"

Person A: "I don't know, but I don't like him."

You: "Huh, that sounds like a you problem."
by orlandoboom October 1, 2019
A cleaner way to say "I didn't cause this, you did bitch." Sometimes used when you are boiling with anger but are in front of someone but do not want to say anything bad so you just fabricate this sentance.
Person 1; Dude why the hell did you not help me cheat during the test?!!? I failed all cause of you!
(Person 2's christian friends are watching)
Person 2; Shut the fuck u- I think that's a you problem.
by Your own personal fuckface September 16, 2020