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To go all out at what ever your doing at that time and if you don't you might as well pack it up and head home.
jim:r u ready to startvthe 2nd half of this scrimmage?
Sam: yea man, you better go hard or go home
by HRM SMK April 05, 2008

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Originated in Philadelphia circa 1998. When discussing events that are of intrest to both parties. The person that didn't know what was going down would say that's what's up.
usally rhetorical.
Frank:Yo! There's a big concert at the spectrum tonite?
Jonny: that's what's up!
by HRM SMK April 02, 2008

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When your Girlfriend is GGG Bi- is willing to partake in 2-way blow job w/ another girl.. Enducing a Deluxe blow job .\Or more particapating women.
bill: Where'd you and your girlfriend go last night?
stan: She took me to dinner, then she took me to a Rainbow Party . joe, I got the Ultimate Blow Job!
by HRM SMK April 20, 2008

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a caucasian person who is ghetto on the inside and a cracker on the outside. Not a wigger
I seen this bumpin redbone walking down the street. I said to her. You know what goes good with brown sugar? I said white chocalate
by HRM SMK April 01, 2008

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short for uncle. Used primarily in thedirty south originated in hotlanta
hey unck I got this fly ride last week.
by HRM SMK April 02, 2008

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Generally the state that is just south of the Mason-Dixon line. Maryland and some will also consider Washington DC.
We about to take on a ride through the north side of the dirty south!
by HRM SMK April 02, 2008

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pronounced: hold_door_foe_bee_yaa.
this is when you automatically extend your arm to stop the door from shutting in your face. Knowing darn well that the person already holding the door opening isn't going to let it shut in your face. But due to untrusting nature of mankind, you have to do it.
" I got holdoorphobia last week going into 7-eleven!"
by HRM SMK April 04, 2008

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