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Not all of us Americans are NASCAR loving rednecks!
In fact, I race a TonyKart if you blithering idiots know what that is, it was made in Italy. Suck it.
The south should split off and stop embarrassing us northerners. Formula one is infinitely better than NASCAR.
by HOLY CRAP I NEED A NAME July 12, 2011
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The coolest of the cool, the best of the best. Nobody can touch one.
Dude, that guy is so damn fast! He's definitely a Criscione!
by HOLY CRAP I NEED A NAME May 07, 2009
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When the zipper tab on your shirt, sweatshirt, pants, etc sticks straight out as if sexually aroused
Chris has such a huge zipper erection right now.
by HOLY CRAP I NEED A NAME September 24, 2016
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Short for Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschleif. A crazy-ass race where taking out your competitors seems to be just as important as finishing the actual race.(cars dont tend to finish in one piece).
Oh my god! What? A huge crash! In what? DTM. Oh. Figures.
by HOLY CRAP I NEED A NAME June 08, 2009
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