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alcohol, beer, liquor, wine etc.
I feel like hell right now, but give me a few hours and I'll be back on the creature.
by Gross Tony March 07, 2008

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When you walk into a bathroom and someone has dropped the king dump and the smell forces you to make a face to display your displeasure. Can also just be an overpowering fart smell.
Stay clear of the bathroom, bro. Someone got very serious and dropped a face crusher.
by Gross Tony March 10, 2008

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A small bathroom that only contains a toilet.
My Dad is taking a shower upstairs but you can use the deuce closet.
by Gross Tony March 10, 2008

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The act of pouring liquid down a persons back so the liquid runs through the crack of their ass while a person lies on floor with their mouth open and drinks the liquid.
Everything was pretty boring last night until Allison started giving out greek sodas.
by Gross Tony March 03, 2008

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To use a large amount of laxatives to shed mad pounds.
I'm going to the beach on Tuesday, so I'm laxing until next week, bro!
by Gross Tony February 29, 2008

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To be out with your friends at a bar very late at night and at the last minute you still manage to pull the hottest girl in the place
It was just us standing around all night until I Derek Jetered this girl that we all had hot balls for.
by Gross Tony March 07, 2008

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The act of getting breakfast after a night of hard drinking and vomiting after having very unsatisfying sex.
I had a great time last night with her, but I ended up with an Irish Sausage Roll the next day.
by Gross Tony February 20, 2008

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