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when another person swipes their hand under your chin, therefore embarrasing you which makes you want to retaliate. If one gets a sort of sauce (ex. ranch dressing, bbq sauce, ketchup) and swipes it under your chin, you just got pwned.
Enzo stuck his hand in the bbq sauce, went over to John and chin slapped him.

John was so embarrassed he didn't come to school for 2 days.
by Greg Johanson February 05, 2008

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a reflection in a mirror when one sees tons of black men around him/her who are ready to rape/stick their dicks inside the person's holes
Last night, I swear I had a bronze reflection. It was horrible.
by Greg Johanson January 14, 2008

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when a man is fingering a woman, he accidentally pops her cherry...hard. Making her bleed until she almost dies and then finding out that instead that he popped her cherry she was just having her period. Or basically Period Blood
Dude, oh my god I was fingering Molly and I popped her cherry and I got Red Guacomole all over me!

Dude that SUCKS!
by Greg Johanson January 14, 2008

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