5 definitions by Greenguy

A vagina with rather large clit lips.
She pulled aside her panties to expose her meaty vag.
by Greenguy March 29, 2008
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Kinda like the Human Centipede, it's when 3+ people are having sex and each is performing and/or receiving analingus.
I just watched some rimmipede porn where Air Thugger was eating Sindra's ass while she was giving James a rimjob.
by Greenguy May 20, 2021
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A female that is willing to take a cock in her mouth, pussy, or ass.
My girl is a 3holer - she let's me fuck her mouth, pussy, and ass!
by Greenguy March 28, 2016
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When a male is sick with a fever, his balls will become saggier & heavier.
Did you see how low Jimmy's balls were in the shower at the gym?

That's just Fever Sack. Jimmy has a shitty immune system and probably has the flu again.
by Greenguy May 19, 2022
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To insert your whole hand into a woman's vagina while engaged in fisting sex.
I went wrist deep when I was fist fucking her.
by Greenguy March 10, 2008
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