7 definitions by Graybe Redmond

A wet bathing suit found in the middle of the ocean.
I was fishing and found a kimonius
by Graybe Redmond October 5, 2017
A way to decide how to become a leader of a tribe or country.
The way a country or tribe makes someone their leader.
by Graybe Redmond September 26, 2017
A type of gas only found in the Indies. Also found as a solid in Samsung computers and iPhones.
I was taking apart my old Samsung phone and I found some strips of mustromium.
by Graybe Redmond September 29, 2017
A rare male type of albino marry cockatoo. Also an awesome way to describe an ugly vulture or duck.
Oh hey. There's a muer.
by Graybe Redmond September 29, 2017
When you mash ice cream together to make it like soft serve.
I LOVE kushi-sham! Kushi-shamming ice cream makes it taste WAY better
by Graybe Redmond September 29, 2017
A person with a very vibrant color of hair. A person who continually colors their hair colors that are frankly not supposed to be a hair color. A derogatory statement.
Oh hey look. Madison is becoming a diplimaestractic. Hope she doesn't stay that way.
by Graybe Redmond September 29, 2017