Well obviously the 13-year-old dipshit idiots are having a field day...

They're birds of the family Cacatuidae, order Psittaciformes; in other words, they're parrots. They're mostly found in Australia and its surrounding territory. The mid-sized, yellow-crested, white-feathered bird you see in fiction is just one species, but it is the most common one.

You have a pet cockatiel? That's the smallest genuine species of cockatoo, and the easiest to tame; the others are more difficult to domesticate, and probably not worth your time unless you know your stuff.
tl;dr cockatoos are Australian parrots, not whatever other shitty definition a bunch of brain-deprived prepubescent boys made up on the spot.
by Kiriazis November 6, 2009
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cockatoo is when a woman cant decide between just having 1 cock or a cockatoo
she wanted some cock but wasnt sure if she was in the mood for 1 cock or a cockatoo
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 14, 2009
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You can hardly see his cockatoo, he's got such a large gock.
by Peas_and_frogs April 8, 2008
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COCKATOO means when a girl, and i guess the male, sucks to males' dicks at the same time. but chidlren plesae remember to be safe n careful when and if u do it, dont choke now ..
At this party i got really fucked up and i was in a giving mood, so i decided to give pleasure to two people at once, indeed i gave a cockatoo!
by GO WHITE GIRL July 19, 2003
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Cockatooing is a syndrome that effects nearly 100% of the male population. It is the act where one always finds himself holding long objects to where is cock is to simulate/emulate a cock. Common long objects include bananas, knives, machetes, blocks of cheese, sausages, remotes, carrots, lobster, egg rolls, etc...
"Yo stop cockatooing with my lobster!"
"Dude you really need to work on your cockatooing problem"
"Dude I really wish I could cockatoo that ships mast!"
by KStimp December 13, 2013
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This word is being defined incorrectly on UD. The real meaning of this word is slang for diarrhea. Usually it's used in plural form.
"I really got the cockatoos after eating at that mexican restaurant!"
by mocha123456 November 24, 2009
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