Not the national Anthem of England, but the entire united kingdom and dependancies like the falklands, Gibraltar etc.
God save the queen, she ain't no human bein'.
by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
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one of three songs

1. national anthem of england and all great britain

2. a pretty great punk song by the Sex Pistols

3. a pretty great guitar orchestration piece by Queen
"oh man i love this song!"
"which song"
"god save the queen"
"that's 3 songs you fool
by soontobepresjoe January 01, 2005
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The national anthem of the United Kingdom. I for one hate the song, it doesent inspire me with patriotism, it has nothing to do with British culture and it has neo-facism writen all over it. They should change the national anthem to "three lions", after all football is much more popular in Britain than the queen.
by Pointything July 28, 2008
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As metioned before, the National Anthem of England. However, gaming ssems to have gotten ahold of it, and Now it is common on swords (like in Final Fantasy Tactics, And other various Squaresoft Games)
"Now we'll sing God Save the Queen for god-knows-why"

"Equip God Save the Queen, auto Regen is on it!"
by Hanami October 13, 2003
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