AKA: Greg Fields - Professional Starcraft 2 Gamer. Noob Starcraft 2 Gamer called him "Grack" in a ladder match, and has become a common joke amongst the Starcraft 2 community, notably Team Liquid (forums / Pro Gaming community)
Hi Grack! - "It's greg..."
by MoFunk October 21, 2010
street drug common throughout the southwestern united states. similar to crack but with the important distinction of cannabis resin being the base ingredient rather than cocaine

affects the user with a high similar to maxis or poppers combined with gila
"eyo bruh im zessin ofa sumasin grack nomsayin"

by bitchassnibba April 9, 2020
The synthetic drug, crack, obtained from one's grandmother or grandfather, usually after doing a good job on chores for the day.
After I washed the poo stains out of my granny's massive underwear, she gave me some a small baggie of grack,and I smoked it with my dog, Speckles.
by PHenk August 15, 2006
When IdrA, "The Gracken" of Starcraft 2, has his way with his opponent.
"Dat Nada kid just got gracked".
by new world order 666 January 19, 2011
A wild creature that lives in forests and eats cereal. It bites people and is restarted.
A Lickle Boi: OMG i found a wild grack
A LIckle Gurl: Run away from it cause it bites.
(A Lickle Boi gets bitten by the wild grack)
A Lickle Gurl: NOOOOOOO
Green + black? No no, not dark green. Grack!
Man 1: That car is a sweet colour bro
Man 2: Yeah, nice shade of grack.
by Kaoruko January 13, 2021
Man I tried to stick my knob and she was wearing a grack
by Trainer_Yarn March 12, 2016