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Using personal tragedy (real or fake) to whitewash Arab warcrimes and aggression in the 1947 Arab-Israeli war.
Palestinian: The IDF came in and blew up a village.
Israeli: does that change the fact there was an Egyptian army using the village to hide in.
Stop with the Nakbawashing
by Godzilla2019 January 9, 2022
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Offensive term for a Palestinian based off of the fact Palestinians originate from bedouins who migrated in waves into Palestine over a thousand year period.
Person 1: "Free Palestine from Israeli occupation!"
Person 2: "why should Israel appease some Bedouin Clones who started showing up after the caliphate invaded the land of Israel?"
by Godzilla2019 October 8, 2021
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Any familiar music that plays associated with inevitable death.
Person 1: (Forgets to wind up the music box, so pop goes the weasel plays)
Person 2: the official you're screwed theme.
by Godzilla2019 December 4, 2021
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