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Person who:
1. plays one or more musical instruments well (see bisectional)
2. eats, lives, sleeps in bandroom
3. considers band the most important class of day and frequently skips other classes to go to it
4. Has CPS (chronic playing syndrome) but does not suffer, rather enjoys every minute
5. Dates exclusivly band (or other musical: e.g. chorus) people
6. Understands band jokes
7. 99% chance of a horribly peverted mind
8. Worships band director/ drum major as god/jesus
9. Is in marching band and loves it more than life itself
10. has seen a lot of the other people in band and guard
I am a band geek. I play in 3 ensembles I'm bisectional.
by God himself January 28, 2005

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Being in two sections of the band. Implies the being at least somewhat of a band geek.
Does not apply to playing two types of sax, or two types of lower brass or two types of upper brass (except French horns)
Often used in reference to double reed players who cannot march with a double reed, so use their original instrument for marching band.
I'm bisectional, I play flute and oboe, in band.
by God himself January 28, 2005

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Godly being. the closest thing to an immortal known to man
The G is amazing
by God himself November 28, 2003

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Tiadee is the holy god or runescape and irc, he has power over all who oppose him , he also smells.
Used in conjunction with "God".
Tiadee is our God almighty
by God Himself October 23, 2004

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self explanitory: Insurance for one's cherry. (althought it may be purchased by men)
Make sure you get those special insurance forms in
by God Himself April 18, 2005

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a word sometimes used to describe the number of beats per minute (bpm) in a piece of music/song.

it refers to the "clicks" of a metronome
You play that at 60 bpm? I got it up to speed at 128 clicks.
by God Himself August 07, 2005

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Fag from numerous websites likes it up the wrong un im told.
Runaway is a total fag.
by God himself June 25, 2004

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