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A butt you see at the gym and/or 5K races that are nicely toned and have no flaws.
Jenny had an awesome workout butt today. I just wanted to squeeze it and/or touch it.
by Glockerfied December 14, 2011

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A person who loves sleeping. He/She would rather sleep than do anything else in this world. They also have no problem falling a sleep and can sleep up to 14 hours. Insomniacs are often jealous of these type of people.
Ryan the insomniac can't fall asleep if his life depended on it, while Sleeper McSleepington started snoring while talking on the phone. Sleeper woke up the next day with the phone off the hook.
by Glockerfied November 06, 2012

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a) A South Florida underground hip-hop emcee who produces albums and plays live shows with Dee Dubs.

b) Someone you talks your ears off and makes them bleed.
a) Jabrjaw has the illest rhymes around. He is the master of underground hiphop in South Florida

b) This jabrjaw from my work always talks my ears off like a chatty cathy. She makes be want to turn into a Sleeper McSleepington.
by Glockerfied November 21, 2012

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similiar to sike, shivitz is used directly after a statement that is meant to be false. A hand movement equivelant to snapping your fingers is usually associated with it.
Poison is an awesome band!! shivitz.
by Glockerfied November 24, 2007

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A woman who's job is to be pregnant every 9 months. She pops out babies after babies which enables her to be unemployed and drain government money.
Ashley is always pregnant. Why is she such a carrier? Her fat ass needs to stop popping out babies and get a job at Walmart!
by Glockerfied November 01, 2012

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