8 definitions by Glamoiglia

A Dubstep song that is a remix of a remix, or a remix of a remix of a remix, etc.
This song is a Dubstep remix of a song that's already a remix. Total Dubsteption.
by Glamoiglia November 12, 2011
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A natural formation that can provide cover, and/or a place to smoke marijuana.
This giant pile of boulders under some trees is a total kanertnut.
by Glamoiglia September 29, 2011
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Actually an emotional love of words, as any true logophile would know.
Logophilia is not sexual. Philia is the Greek word for emotional love.
by Glamoiglia October 21, 2011
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Noun. The act of avoiding the use of forms of social media or other technological means of communication, especially the internet and television. This can be done for various reasons, such as not wanting to a spoil a movie one has not yet seen, reveal the score of a sporting event, or be aware of news events that one feels are best not known about.
The sheer amount of "this person got shot and this guy sent pictures of himself naked online" on my local news caused me to go into a media blackout for a few days.
by Glamoiglia November 01, 2011
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Adjective. Combination of "adept" and "inept." It describes someone/something that has so much skill/experience with something that they perform poorly as a result, usually from thinking too much about the idea of what they're doing rather than the practical application.
My partner in my last game of Starcraft II was so indept. He was setting up an amazing late game build while forgetting that rushing is popular online. It's safe to say we lost.
by Glamoiglia November 01, 2011
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An individual, often pretentious, that takes huge leaps of logic in order to claim an understanding of the real-world persona of someone they come in contact with through the internet. This is usually in an argument or debate, as internet psychologists usually love to think they are right about everything.

They have a tendency to point out things that people say and use them as evidence to "prove" they are a certain way in real life. Often, they are wrong, as they tend to stretch the truth of the facts they are given to fit a negative image of the person they are "evaluating" and just come across looking like complete tools.
Internet Psychologist: You're obviously someone ugly who can't get a girl and is trying to downplay it by saying you don't think this attractive girl is attractive.

Normal Person: Dude, all I said was that I personally am not into redheads. Stop being an internet psychologist.
by Glamoiglia November 29, 2011
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