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1.: A slang term for "most definitely."
2.: A rapper.
3.: Deaf - this useage is the least common, mostly by people who didn't understand it in the first place or mispronounced.
1.: "Am I going to the party? Mos def!"
2.: "Mos Def is one of the best rappers of our time."
3.: "After that concert, they're mos def."
by Gillian January 04, 2005
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a person who's overly religious in their thinking, and takes the christian beliefs system waaay to far and literally. may or may not end up knocking atr your door or on the streets of a large city trying to convince you to become a monk, or to convert to xyv religion.
i said i am not becomming a nun you damn bible beater!
by gillian May 03, 2004
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Comedian Action and executive transvestite, know for jokes such as "we british dont win the olympics, its a political statement because we dont like our national anthem! god save the queen! thats a pretty damned saved queen!" and "CAKE OR DEATH?!" and other political and historical refernce jokes
hilarious, always
by gillian May 03, 2004
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Similar to speed(drug) see "Requium for a dream" for more info
She took two dexies to stay energised
by Gillian November 30, 2004
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A type of person -- typically but not always in CAP -- who exagerates in order to boost self esteem. Cap guys suffer from too weed and alcohol in their lives. And attempt to compensate by being annoying, (see dip shit), they swear that they are really funny, but it turns out they're REALLY not, trust me.
And although most Cap guys will occasionally make us laugh, they often cross the line of being funny to being racist and never seem to notice, but it doesn't actually matter because there are only like 10 minorities in Cap anyway.

Most Cap guys own at least one item from American eagle outfitters and have been known to pop their collars. They don't date outside of Cap, and become all moody when the girl of their dreams sees them as "just a friend"--and to that we say get over it.

Although most Cap guys have some redeeming qualities, there are a few who we will see in 10 years, still living in their parent's basement, smoking copious amount of weed and still trying to decipher James Joyce.
Cap guy: hey do you remember when we got so stone and we all slept naked under the same blanket

Other Cap guy: Yeah, that was so funny! Dude you totally took the whole blanket. Did you notice my hand has veins in it. Whatever, is there any weed left?
by Gillian March 26, 2005
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to move about in a drunken and badly behaved fashion.
gillian and hannah were slitting about in subtone last night. ie; to 'slit' about.
by gillian April 08, 2005
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a term used 2 discribe a poo poo, or someone that is being really annoying!
"see you ya wee jobby, im gonne bust you"
by gillian July 24, 2003
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