You need one of these so you don't have to pay for braces.

Lisa needs braces!


Lisa needs braces!
by Overcast March 16, 2004
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When butt-crack is visible, especially when someone bends over.
Did you see the pants that Sarah was wearing? She had some hardcore Dental Plan going on...

Or Just: 'Dental Plan!' when said butt-crack is visible.
by Chuppa December 6, 2004
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The swift and painful removal of all teeth. The instument used in this operation is a ten eyed steel capped pair of Doc Marten boots. This usually happens when you piss off followers of these paticular groups: Boneheads, Skinheads, and Oi kids.
The emo kids with their AFI shirts just signed up for a "doc marten dental plan" when they called the group of skins fags.
by Alcore September 22, 2006
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slang for masterbation....especially in females

some synonyms include...playing wheres waldo, walking down the red carpet, etc.

though it bares no real reference to anything sounding even remotely obscene, this phrase can be used among friends to talk about and/or mess with members of the opposite sex
1. shes really hot, id love to renew her dental plan

2. if you cant wait for me to come back, just renew your dental plan while you're lonely

3. if you renew your dental plan, can i watch?
by dirk lance July 23, 2005
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a timeless phrase, used with great versatility. you can say this at pretty much any time or situation but definately works best when said during one of those long awkward pauses in a conversation.

sometimes shortened to simply "dental plan..." let open to completion by others present, or simply left abbreviated.

taken from the famous "union" episode of the simpsons, this is what homer repeats to himself over and over again whilst trying to decide whether to pursue a dental plan program for workers of the nuclear plant or to give up this right for a free keg of beer. hrmmm....

... dental plan, lisa needs braces
some guy: "and that's when i realized that my glasses were on my *head* the whole time!"
dudes: " .... "
me: "... dental plan, lisa needs braces"
by Olly J June 19, 2005
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Nonsensical chant derived from an episode of the simpsons. Great to use at TGI Fridays on monday night football.
Getz: "Dental Plan"
Everyone: "Lisa Needs Braces!"
by Getz December 23, 2003
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