15 definitions by Georg Znaeym

An unaccompanied female who, while in the presence of a male or males, assumes an angry, scowling face with the intent of discouraging any potential communication with the nearby male/males, as if they had any intent to institute such contact to begin with.
Didn't the expression on that scowlface back there make you think of a car? Myself, I was reminded of a '54 Buick.
by Georg Znaeym July 27, 2006
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A girl or woman who makes frequent, repeated quick side-to-side head motions (as someone indicating a "no" gesture would), ostensibly to clear the face of loose hair but actually often used as a method to quickly and surreptitiously scan her surroundings without chancing anything beyond the briefest eye contact with those nearby, and/or to attract attention.
"I think that brunette headshaker has her eye on you, Fred."
by Georg Znaeym May 24, 2006
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A mocking parody of "Drum Corps International", the organization that assumed control in the early 1970s of what was until that time a hugely-successful, widely-popular and rapidly-growing national drum corps movement.
Remember all the great drum corps and hundreds of drum corps contests we used to have each summer, before Drum Corpse International took over?
by Georg Znaeym May 25, 2006
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"Jim Pitts" is slang for "gym pits", or someone carrying a strong odor of perspiration as if coming after a gymnasium workout.
"I can't handle being anywhere near Jim Pitts over there."
by Georg Znaeym July 21, 2006
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"NASCAR Facelift" describes the tightly-pulled-back hair style favored by lesser-educated women in the lower socio-economic class.
If that big mama's NASCAR Facelift was any tighter, she'd have a permanent grin."
by Georg Znaeym April 26, 2006
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Used to illustrate those who inappropriately wear large Western hats, usually indoors. Often said of country-and-western performers.
"All hat, no cattle" describes that country-and-western band out of Cleveland to a T.
by Georg Znaeym July 22, 2006
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A woman or girl who makes frequent eye-blinking motions while avoiding eye contact with those nearby, often meant as conscious or subconscious body language indicating a desire to be left alone.
"It's okay to be a blinker unless you're a waitress."
by Georg Znaeym May 24, 2006
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