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Slovenly morbidly-obese humanoids who frequently visit all-you-can-stuff-down-your-gullet restaurants while wearing stretch pants that don't have any choice and caps they haven't removed in decades, either staring at strangers while loudly chewing, and/or lurching heedlessly between tables with plates heaped with yet more food while ignoring the screams from their running, flailing offspring who are dropping food everywhere.

We can sit in the far corner, honey, as the hardcore buffeteers and their rugrats seem to be concentrated near the kitchen.
by Georg Znaeym April 30, 2006

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Any Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
Harley cheeseburners, made of tin - ride 'em out and push 'em in.
by Georg Znaeym April 30, 2006

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Mr. Cooby is the one who always gets the blame when something is discovered to be broken or missing.
"Hey, who got into the cookie jar?"

"All I know is that Mr. Cooby was the only one here."
by Georg Znaeym April 26, 2006

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Anyone who assumes the "look" of whatever social group they are trying to fit into is said to be in full uniform.
Let's see ... baseball cap, goatee, Fu Manchu 'stache, shaved head, muscle shirt without any muscle, tattoos, potbelly, baggy overlong "shorts" year-round and, oh yeah, the final touch - the cigarette and the fixed stare ... looks like I'm all set for Wal-Mart. Fire up the pickup, mama, this dude's in full uniform!
by Georg Znaeym July 21, 2006

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A woman, usually unaccompanied, who adopts a frowning, angry or worried facial expression in an effort to discourage others nearby from approaching and/or commencing any verbal or visual contact with her. Most often seen in public areas.
"That woman has been a frowner for so long that she's developed permanent anger wrinkles."
by Georg Znaeym May 24, 2006

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A white-trash female hairstyle. All the hair is pulled straight back very tightly and held in place with whatever is convenient in a sort of schoolmarm's bun. The effect is that the face appears stretched back.
"That big mama can go five miles an hour faster on her bike now that she got herself that NASCAR facelift."
by Georg Znaeym April 30, 2006

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A girl or woman who is continually flipping her hair without touching it by tossing her head, often using the motion to catch a quick, surreptitious glimpse around her surroundings and/or to see who, if anyone, is looking at her, and/or to garner attention. (See "Headshaker".)
"You'd think those hairtosser gals would develop neck pains after repeating that motion sixteen hours a day."
by Georg Znaeym April 26, 2006

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