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The correct way to say Pom or pomme or pommy...both of which the Australians use to describe english people. Which is entirely inaccurate in itself because POHm means prisoner of her majesty and we all know that originally the aussies were the convicts britain didnt want any more. So its rather an ironic word for them to use...pohm is what we should be calling them, but we are far too cultured for that so they may remain those aussie bastards :D

Just kidding guys :)
Australian : We just kicked those pohm arses at cricket
Englishman : Bugger off
by Gaz September 04, 2005

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COH = City Of Heroes

A Comic book style MMORPG
God,SWG is so buggy and shit, i hate it. Im going to go play COH!!!!
by Gaz June 18, 2004

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Excellent extreme progressive godlike-virtuosos.
Actually, Opeth is pronounced O-pth. Not with the "e". Don't believe me? Go see them live, and listebn to them say Opeth.
by Gaz September 14, 2003

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A knobhead on wheels, is the kind of person, who drives round areas, usually with passengers. There are two types of nobhead on wheels. The conservative nobhead- This is the person who drives with 1 male passenger in the front, who usually, has his window down, and a tab out the window, and casually yells fuck off at people he passes. The semi-conservative nobhead- is the person who usually has a bunch of fat sluts, in the back, and a mate in the front. These drivers are usually on their way for a gangbang. The driver beeps their horn, and the sluts stick up fingers out of the back windows.
Tonight were the victim of a verbal attack, by a nobhead on wheels
by Gaz April 08, 2005

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A Victorian description for a worn out East End slapper. Normally charged less than a half-penny for their services.
"I only get a penny a time for my old cunnie"
by Gaz March 04, 2005

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Its what happens when u get excited over a girl, or boy (For any girl, gay or bi person)
Woah shes hot! (*SQUIRT* - Sex wee comes out)
by Gaz December 13, 2003

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To throw vegetables at strangers
'Bill you just onionised the local MP dude!'
by Gaz April 07, 2005

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