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An Ass Boy is any straight male who allows his presumably straight friend(s) to use his ass hole as their pocket pussy when they are horny and have no other way to relieve it
Guy 1: dude I’m really horny and My left hand ain’t cutting it this time no homo but can you be my ass boy

Guy 2: Yeah just please pull out Jake didn’t when I ass boyed for him and it was just weird
by GayCloud April 23, 2018
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The feeling of overwhelming exhaustion usually associated with the use of alcohol, cannabis, etc. Usually results in someone being couch locked
Dude 1: Dude Evan looks like he’s about to get slumped, man how much has he had to drink?

Dude 2: I saw him take 4 shots and drink a beer and I think he also took a rip off Jimmy’s bong

Dude 1: Yeah we need to get him out of the damn hot tub before he slumps and drowns
by GayCloud June 16, 2018
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The act of playing baseball or softball with friends while drinking alcohol, usually ends in someone becoming shitfaced but can also be a casual one beer get together among friends
Guy 1: Dude I am free this weekend wanna go get the rest of the guys together and sneak into the high school baseball field and play a game of booze ball?

Guy 2: Hell yeah man I’ll bring a six pack, bats, balls, and gloves and you bring the vodka and rum
by GayCloud April 23, 2018
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A very unhealthy lifestyle in which someone claims they are vegan or vegetarian but only consumes bread, cheese, pasta, and other carbohydrate rich food items and hardly ever consumes vegtables and other protein rich vegetarian foods such as tofu and beans
Female: I’m so fucking fat and I switched to the vegetarian lifestyle to loose this weight

Male: Your a carbotarian honey not a vegetarian all I see is you scarfing your face with pizza and pasta I never see you ratings salads or veggie burgers

Female: But I cut out meat isn’t that supposed to help

Male: Your fucking stupid, cutting out meat helps but you also gotta cut back your carbs as well for the results try some veggie burgers and tofu and maybe a salad it’ll help
by GayCloud August 3, 2018
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A mental health disorder which causes its sufferes to take advantage of their friends for anything and then turn around an backstab them, sometimes may also cause they to blame their freshly backstabbed friends for backstabbing them when in reality they have just twisted the truth and are true lying peices if work who think they never do wrong
UBS Sufferer: I literally did everything for you

Me: Bitch fuck you I let you live at my crib for days on end, bought you food, clothed you, and took care of your stupid blackout drunk ass nightly and this is my thanks? You saying I took advantage of you? Get on some meds for ungreatful bitch syndrome cause you obviously need it
by GayCloud December 23, 2018
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A male human being who is presumably under the influence of alcohol and is locked on the floor and unable to move, usually drunk floor men still act drunk but are unable to get off the floor
The paramedics had to be called to get the drunk floor man (DFM) off the train since he was too drunk to move and was believed to have had alcohol poisoning
by GayCloud June 16, 2018
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A serious medical condition which presents itself after a person drinks too much, should not be taken lightly and should instead be taken directly to the emergency room, drunk is different than alcohol posing the way to recognize the difference is one is coherent and the other is not, if someone has alcohol poisoning it is important to make sure they don’t stop breathing and that they don’t choke on their own vomit
Girl: I think he has alcohol poisoning

Boy: He’s just drunk he’ll be fine

*12 hours later*

Girl: He isn’t breathing and he’s cold I fucking told you he had alcohol poisoning don’t just stand there call 911
by GayCloud June 25, 2018
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