Someone who defies all diet rules and eats only food high in carbohydrates and starch
"I'm a carbotarian. I only eat bread, pasta, cereal, cake, pies, muffins, rice, potatoes, etc."
by Steph & Renee April 29, 2005
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carbotarian, noun. A person whose diet consists mainly of foods high in carbohydrates.
My sister claims to be a vegetarian, but all she eats is bread; she's such a carbotarian.

There were so many carbs in that meal I feel like a carobotarian.

Vegans and vegetarians who don't know how to control their diets will become carbotarians.
by Powerstothepeople July 2, 2013
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A very unhealthy lifestyle in which someone claims they are vegan or vegetarian but only consumes bread, cheese, pasta, and other carbohydrate rich food items and hardly ever consumes vegtables and other protein rich vegetarian foods such as tofu and beans
Female: I’m so fucking fat and I switched to the vegetarian lifestyle to loose this weight

Male: Your a carbotarian honey not a vegetarian all I see is you scarfing your face with pizza and pasta I never see you ratings salads or veggie burgers

Female: But I cut out meat isn’t that supposed to help

Male: Your fucking stupid, cutting out meat helps but you also gotta cut back your carbs as well for the results try some veggie burgers and tofu and maybe a salad it’ll help
by GayCloud August 3, 2018
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New age youngsters (or elders) who claim to be vegetarians, but actually don't eat vegetables at all, or meat, obviously. Their diet consist of usually one food group...carbohydrates which includes the fruit they actually do eat.
The girl next door told me she was a vegetarian, so I offered her some fresh veggies, "she replied "oh I don't eat vegetables or meat." I clarified and said then you are a carbotarian?"
by ElleKay RN June 26, 2017
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