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Used to describe how you feel inside when you find yourself in a pleasing set of circumstances, or at least in comparison to a worse outcome that also might have occurred. It does not suggest glee at another's misfortunes but rather highlights one's own fortunate situation.
eg. 1: The forecast predicted rain for our camping trip, but the weather turned out to be so gorgeous we were laughing.

eg. 2: While waiting at emergency, I was upset over my ankle injury. But then when I saw the paramedics bring in a 7-year-old girl covered all over with first-degree burns, I realized I should be laughing.
by GarthF December 29, 2005
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n. A person, usually a parent or older relative, who incessantly berates you during a meal about how skinny you're getting and how you need to eat more. They typically tell you what dishes on the table you should be selecting from, and they will characteristically even place food on your plate despite much protest on your part. Because they have taken away your freedom to eat in peace and to select food of your own choosing, they have killed what would otherwise be viewed as a pleasurable dining experience. (Note: meal Nazi has no direct connection with the more familiar term, "soup Nazi".)
"I hate it when Aunt Agatha comes over for dinner. She's always putting a drumstick or a pork chop on my plate. I know she means well, but come on, I'm 16 years old! Just back off, meal Nazi!"
by GarthF December 15, 2005
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Not following prescribed guidelines or general societal expectations. Very casual. Bypassing certain boundaries.
Jack always comes to work late. I guess both he and the boss are loosey goosey when it comes to punctuality.
by GarthF December 1, 2005
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The overly slow and cautious driver, usually elderly but not necessarily, who manages to stay in front of you in traffic. They turn where you want to turn, exit where you want to exit, and go into the same parking lot you're heading for, and so they are always in the lead. You have trouble passing them because there's only one lane or else traffic volume is just too busy. So much to your frustration, you remain in second place while they undeservingly take the checkered flag!
Jack: "How come you're so late? The movie's about to start!"

Danny: "I was rushing, but I got stuck behind two or three gramps champs on the way here! It was so annoying!"
by GarthF March 7, 2006
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The absence of homoeroticism in television or film. In a way, it's the opposite of hetyay.
Stan: "The increase of hoyay in TV and movies misleads the gullible and impressionable into thinking that homosexuality is on the rise when really it's not. Me, I'm more of a honay kind of guy."
Trish: "Did you say 'horny'?"
Stan: "No--honay, as in I say nay to hoyay."
Trish: "Oh, I see."
by GarthF December 16, 2005
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The attempt to clap in applause at some event but very few people, if any, follow your lead. This can also apply to the related scenario when one tries to lead out in a clapping rhythm at some musical event or figure skating competition but also fails to gain a following.
"After my last clap abortion at the downtown rally, I've decided to call it quits. It's just too embarrassing."
by GarthF February 8, 2006
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A combination of "dumb" and "retard". Very similar to "tard" and "f***tard" commonly in use today. The beauty of this term, however, is that it avoids slandering those who are truly mentally retarded and doesn't come across as being overly vulgar and offensive. Best used when someone has shown a momentary lack of intelligence and reasoning in offending you in some way.
Bob: "That guy just cut me off AND he's driving slower than me! Man, some people!"
Larry: "What a f***tard!"
Bob: "Well, maybe so if he did it on purpose. For now, I just think the guy's a dumtard."
Larry: "Suit yourself."
by GarthF December 16, 2005
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