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A combination of "dumb" and "retard". Very similar to "tard" and "f***tard" commonly in use today. The beauty of this term, however, is that it avoids slandering those who are truly mentally retarded and doesn't come across as being overly vulgar and offensive. Best used when someone has shown a momentary lack of intelligence and reasoning in offending you in some way.
Bob: "That guy just cut me off AND he's driving slower than me! Man, some people!"
Larry: "What a f***tard!"
Bob: "Well, maybe so if he did it on purpose. For now, I just think the guy's a dumtard."
Larry: "Suit yourself."
by GarthF December 16, 2005
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a person who acts dumb and retarded even though they may not be....stumbling adolescent male.....growing person not used to body growth, person asking question that is already answered, drunk person.
that boy is such a dumtard, he fell over a pebble.
that person is such a dumtard, she asked if the plastic bags at kroger were free.
I woke up and forgot where I was....(dumtard)
by robyn lusby January 25, 2007
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